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Desktop Pro Elite™ Vaporizer Desktop Pro™ Vaporizer

Laboratory Grade Vaporizers

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We have engineered the Desktop Pro vaporizer to provide a hygienic, low resistance draw through a visibly clear air path, which produces the most consistently smooth vaporizing experience possible.

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It’s like breathing in air it’s so smooth!

Coltyn Turner

“I feel better after using the Desktop Pro! Smoking was hurting my lungs so much.” 

Aunt Teresa DiJoseph

You definitely feel more of the power than with smoking! And taste, WOW!

Phyllis Cali

Superior quality and thoughtful design

Jean Lacy

I love it! Nice clean taste, adjustable settings for personal preference. Truly taste the flower rather than the burn! 

Freddie Dickerson

Easy to use and smooth on the throat!

Robert Kowalski

Turning down the fire on your ground herb to hot air, turns down the harsh smoke to a luscious vapor!


Integrated Cooling

Designed with integrated cooling and a durable, thermally isolated, heavy aluminum base for stable all day workhorse duty.

Intelligent Thermal Profile

Our reinforced, High Thermal Capacity Element produces up to 100 watts of peak output power. With Intelligent ‘Auto-Power Inhalation Attenuation’, we smooth the heat drawn over the herb sample according to your breath. This provides a thermal profile which produces a uniquely smooth vapor.

From Pain, Came Courage

How We Came To Be

It didn’t happen one event after another, but it was a journey still. A tragic event played out in the Gough family. And now Steven thinks could have been less traumatic for the person...

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We challenge the stigma with Elegance!

CEO & President Onsen Labs, Steven E Gough

Our Competition

Combustion: The Old Way

Man invented fire a very long time ago and traditions should only change when a better method comes along.

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Now that humanity has figured out ‘fire’, we understand thermodynamics. As a result, this has led to a new, low-heat method of herbal consumption called vaporization that has many benefits!

Illinois is Moving Forward

IL Laws

'The Land of Lincoln' has legalized herbal wellness use!

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