Combustion: The Old Method

Combustion: The Old Method

Man invented fire a very long time ago and traditions should only change when a better method comes along. Now that humanity has figured out ‘fire’, we understand thermodynamics. As a result, this has led to a new, low-heat method of herbal consumption called vaporization that has many benefits.

The Problem

Irritation: Inhaling dry herb smoke hurts the throat and lungs, it often makes us cough, plus it can cause harmful respiratory irritation.
Waste: Burning dry herb is wasteful. You can literally watch your money go up in smoke when you’re not inhaling.
Privacy: The burnt smell is easily identifiable and can be a nuisance to neighbors.

Methods attempted to mitigate these problems include:

Irritation: Water chambers, percolators, ice chambers, long cooling paths and even delayed smoke delivery.
Waste: Smoking faster or hotboxing.
Privacy: Smokeless ashtrays, air sanitizers, air purifiers, or just downright relocating away from Mr. Grumpy in unit 3C.

A Better Solution

So how can we help? Just like we would turn down the stove to reduce an overflowing pot, turning down the fire on your dry herb to a hot air; in effect turns down the smoke to a luscious vapor.

And by heating at lower temperatures, we boil or vaporize the pertinent oils in the plant, without igniting the cellulose plant materials. Thus creating a reduced harm method of inhalation. And since we do this at temperatures below combustion, we eliminate that distinct smell of dry herb smoke.

Plus, there’s no trailing vapor like you see when burning dry herb, which also means less wasted product. In under a second of clearing the whip, the vapor stops being produced. The plant material is immediately cooled, so you don’t have to worry about that trailing smoke stream sneaking up to Mr. Grumpy’s window in unit 3C. Not to mention, you don’t have to watch your wasted herbs go up in smoke!

The type of dull, localized odor that is left, comes from the A.B.V. (Already Been Vaped) herb or a dirty whip. Which builds up to a light burnt popcorn smell over time, but only if you don’t keep it clean. Both of which can be contained in the Carbon Smell bag after each use. For additional thrift, save your ABV for a tincture extraction.

For additional smell privacy, blow your exhaled vapors through a personal carbon air filter and not even the maid will unmask your smell privacy! (just don’t breathe on them… Your breath will still smell like fresh, tasty herbs after use!)

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