Desktop Pro Beta Trial Program

Desktop Pro Beta Trial Program

Thank you for you interest in applying!
Unfortunately, our Desktop Pro Beta Tester Program is officially closed.

Selected applicants were chosen to help make the Desktop Pro the best desktop vaporizer yet. As a member of the Onsen Labs Desktop Pro Beta Program, selected applicants take part in shaping vaporizer design by testing pre-release versions and letting us know what they think.

What is the Onsen Labs Desktop Pro Beta Program?

The program lets users try out pre-release equipment. The feedback you provide on quality and usability, helps us identify issues, fix them and make Onsen Labs equipment even better. Please note that since the public version of the Desktop Pro has not yet been released by Onsen Labs, it may contain errors or inaccuracies and may not function as well as commercially released equipment.

How do I participate?

Fill out the application above for consideration in the beta program. We have a limited number of seats and we will be selective with our participants based on location and product use.

How do I provide feedback to Onsen Labs?

We will follow up during the trial period by email with a questionnaire. We will also provide you with a direct phone number and email address to contact our research and development team at any time. Feedback is encouraged at any time. A research and development team member may contact you during your Beta trial. As well, we will contact you for a conclusion call and a discounted offer to purchase at the end of the beta trial.

Who can participate?

The Onsen Labs Desktop Pro Beta Program is open to anyone in the United States. Except, we will choose to fill our limited number of seats with a diverse array of conditions/use types, based on locations closest to us. We are located in Algonquin, IL. As well, we will also favor applicants with relevant industry experience.

Do I have to pay to join the program?

No purchase is required to join the program. However, only serious potential buyers are encouraged.

What type of compensation do I receive for joining the program?

You will receive an exclusive, pre-release 60 day trial of cutting edge vaporization equipment. You may also receive a 50% discounted offer to purchase your beta equipment, so long as it is fit for commercial release at the end of the Beta trial.

Is the beta program confidential?

Yes. The purpose of the Beta Program is to provide Onsen Labs with an opportunity to identify issues and fix them, before release of the commercial version.

Read our terms (provided upon application acceptance) for full conditions.

How do I unenroll is the Beta Program?

Contact Us to unenroll and receive a Return Merchandise Agreement (RMA) number. Onsen Labs will arrange return transportation and cover return costs.

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