About Us

Health and wellness users deserve better, and at Onsen Labs our scientifically minded approach to the design, engineering and production of our product is top down oriented around your needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce a vaporizer befitting the quality and durability required of health and wellness users. Onsen Labs seeks to design and manufacture professional grade vaporizer devices with a data informed process, backed by testing and user experience.  We believe health and wellness users deserve a product as serious as their needs. We have found other products and methods fail to meet the grade. Onsen Labs will continue to focus on the health and wellness user by measuring performance and user experience.



We, like many others, have experienced the heartache of personal loss and understand dearly the goal of helping increase access to health and wellness vaporizers for those in need.  It is that very personal loss that motivates our focus.


Our Founder: Steven Gough

Onsen Labs President & CEO Steven Gough

Steven Gough, a lifelong Entrepreneur has focused heavily on bringing to market and supporting the sale of technology driven heating solutions for industries including, medical, aerospace, military, automotive, manufacturing, and industrial to name a few.  A tinkerer at heart, Steven has managed R&D teams, supply chains, manufacturing processes, and the sales/marketing channels required to bring about high tech products which exceed expectations. In continuing the path of making work what he loves, Steven has spent the past couple years developing the Desktop Pro Vaporizer and is looking forward to more Onsen Labs innovations. To learn more about Steven's motivation in creating the best desktop vaporizer, read our blog post, How We Came To Be