Gaurav Dubey

Onsen Labs Content Writer Gaurav Dubey
Gaurav Dubey is a dynamic, user observation based biologist and scientific blogger with a passion for science and travelling the world. Gaurav has earned his bachelors of science in biology and bachelors of Arts in philosophy from the University of Miami. He went on to earn his Master’s in Biotechnology from Rush University and briefly began his PhD studies before stepping away to pursue his entrepreneurial interests.
Launched in December of 2018, Karmik is a professional evidence-based content marketing and visibility solutions firm for science-minded e-commerce businesses. Creating high-quality, resourceful content is the foundation of Karmik and a genuine passion of Gaurav’s as he is dedicated to “taking science off the shelf” and empowering his readers by making science more accessible to everyone. He believes strong, well-crafted scientific content is crucial for the health & wellness and science industries to continue to thrive and feels grateful for the ability to provide these services for his exciting and bold clients.